Production step by step


Visit our studio!

Our studio is in WestEnd City Center shopping mall beside Nyugati Railway Station. Here we scan you with our 3D body scanner which creates the geometrical data of your outlook. Since the statue will look exactly like you we suggest to wear happy, colorful clothes that you really like. If you wish to have a special memory from Hungary you can also choose some accessories from our wardrobe that have traditional and special Hungarian patterning. So you can have a personal memory from Budapest!



It takes 15 seconds for the 3D body scanner to read your datas. Afterwards a dataprocessing software creates a 3D model about you in only 90 seconds. This virtual body is immediately visible on the computer screen, it is a rotatable model that can be checked from every angle. So scanning and data processing take only some minutes. In case you don't like your virtual statue we can easily and quickly repeat the scanning.


Graphic design

Our service is unique in the whole world because we deliver to you the statues the following day after the scanning. How is this possible? The special body scanner that we use in the studio works with precise details and effectivity. This is why after the scanning we only need to make little corrections so that we are very soon ready to print your statue. With the graphic postproduction work we intend to create a statue that looks exactly like you!


3D printing

We print your statues with the professional printer of 3Dsystems Ltd. which is the biggest company in the world that produces 3D printers. With these high quality printers we create fully detailed, colorful statues that feel like sandstone. We cover the statues with UV protection so you can enjoy the colors for a long time!



You can pick it up in the 3D Body Scan Studio in Vaci street or at the reception of the hotel you stay. We send you a text on your mobile when we are ready to send the statue. We take good care of your statue, we wrap it thoroughly. Please be aware as well that it is fragile! If you leave Budapest earlier than your statue is ready we can send it to you anywhere in the world!