General Terms and Conditions

The webshop on the website of 3DiClone ( is operated by Kvint-R Irodatechnikai és 3D Nyomtatási Kft. (hereinafter referred to as: Service Provider) for the sales of products created with 3D printing and 3D scanned files. These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) define the terms and conditions for the purchase on the website and for the conclusion of contract.

I. General Information

I.1. The service may be used by all natural and legal persons with legal capacity, and economic entities without legal personality, if they accept successful registration and undertake to be bound by these General Terms and Conditions.

I.2. Data of the Service Provider:
Kvint-R Irodatechnikai és 3D Nyomtatási Kft.
Represented by: László Kasnya General Manager
Trade Registration No.: 01-09-161238
Tax No.: 10519066-2-42
H-1089 Budapest, Delej u. 41.
Phone Number: +361-477-4050
Facsimile: +361-477-4060
Opening hours: on working days between 8:30 a.m. – 5.00 p.m., on Friday until 4.30 p.m.

I.3. 3DiClone WestEnd
H-1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3.
WestEnd City Center
(Arany János kiskörút 19.)
Phone Number: +36-1-400-8702, +36-70-408-9178
Opening hours: everyday between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

II. Purchasing process

II.1. Our registered users may purchase products in our webshop after login. Registration is possible on the website, via our service provider partners or on events at which we are present. We store the following personal data: name, address, phone number, e-mail, and optionally delivery address. Login requires an e-mail address and a password. The first password will be sent by the system in an e-mail, and users may change it if they wish to do so. One e-mail address may be registered only once.

II.2. In the webshop users may order 3D-printed statues made of the 3D scanned files created of the user or 3D scanned files. The user account contains the list of previously recorded statue data, for which orders may be submitted. In addition to the above, gift vouchers may also be ordered (vouchers which may be redeemed later for the ordered product).

II.3. After selecting the statue/voucher, customers must specify the size of the statue (height) and other optional extra services (wax coating, extra modification/retouch). The product price will appear on the website based on the selected parameters. The currency depends on the selected language: if the website’s language is Hungarian, the currency will be Hungarian Forint, if English or German, the price will be displayed in Euro. Value-added tax is included in the price. By clicking on the ‘To the basket’ button, the product will appear in the basket. More than one products may be selected in succession.

II.4. In the Basket, customers may specify quantities and may delete items from the basket. By clicking on the ‘Next’, button customers may proceed to entering further data related to the order.

II.5. Customers must select the delivery (courier, personal delivery, and exclusively for the purchase of electronic products, such as scanned file or voucher e-mail delivery) and payment method (bank remittance, payment by bank card), and must specify the delivery address if different from the data provided at registration. Delivery costs will be calculated on the basis of the selected delivery method and delivery address. Comments may be added to the order. By clicking on the “Confirmation of order’ button, and when choosing payment by bank remittance, the order is registered and the customer is redirected to the page of the bank where payment can be done (see III. Bank card payment).

II.6. In the event of payment bank card, the customer will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail containing the stored data after the successful payment, in the event of payment by bank remittance, the email will be sent immediately. Should you find any mistake in these e-mails, please contact our customer service as soon as possible.

III. Delivery and payment methods

III.1. Buyer may select one of the following delivery options:
Personal delivery: in 3D Studio (H-1062 Budapest, Váci út 1-3., WestEnd City Center (Arany János kiskörút 19.)
or in the branch office of the Service Provider (H-1089 Budapest, Delej u. 41.), during the official opening hours (See I.2. Data of the Service Provider and I.3. 3DiClone WestEnd).
Courier service: with the help of a courier service we can fulfil orders to most of the countries in the world.

III.2. Delivery prices will be calculated automatically by the webshop on the basis of the weight and value of the ordered product(s). The delivery cost may be checked before submitting the order in the last line of the list of ordered products.

III.3. Buyer may select one of the following payment options:
Bank card payment: payment can be made during the order, after being redirected to the bank’s website. (For details see IV. Bank card payment.)
Bank remittance: Bank remittance to the bank account number of the Service Provider. The order will be fulfilled after receipt of the amount.

IV. Bank card payment

IV.1. Payment by bank card ensures Customers a comfortable and secure purchase products in our webshop. After ordering the selected products, the Customer will be redirected to the website of K&H Bank where he/she can pay with his/her bank card via a transaction considered currently as the most secure and executed with encryption. When submitting an order and after selecting the payment by bank card, Customers shall enter the number of the card, its expiry date and the 3-digit security code on the payment server of K&H Bank. K&H Bank accepts the following types of bank cards: VISA, VISA Electron, V-Pay, MasterCard, Maestro and JCB.
Bank cards issued exclusively for electronic use may only be accepted by the Bank if the use of such card is allowed by the issuing bank. Please contact your bank whether the card can be used for on-line purchases.
After the successful purchase, K&H Bank will issue an approval number for the transaction, which shall be registered or printed by the Customer. In the event of unsuccessful transaction, K&H Bank will display the reason for the error in an error message.

V. Right of cancellation

V.1. Since the order relates to individually manufactured products, Customers may only be entitled to cancel the order before the commencement of production. Customers may indicate their intention to cancel the order via any of the customer service contact points before 9.00 p.m on the day of the order. After this date, cancellation of orders is not possible.

V.2 In the event of delivery by a courier service, costs arising from the denial of product acceptance shall be borne by the Customer.

V.3 In the event of any special request or problem related to the order, please contact our Customer Service via its e-mail address.

VI. Claims

VI.1. If you have any claims, please contact our customer service via one of the following contacts.

VII. Guarantee, warranty

VII.1. Guarantee and warranty shall be governed by the Civil Code and Government Decree No. 151/2003. (IX:22.).

VIII. Liability

VIII.1. We assume that Customers who purchase products on the website are aware of the technical limits of the Internet and accept possible errors arising from the technology.

VIII.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage arising from the connection to the website. The Customer shall examine the means by which he/she can protect his/her data stored on his/her computer against intruders. Customers shall assume exclusive liability for connecting to the website and for purchasing on the website. The Operator may not be held liable in the event of any force majeure.

VIII.3. Force majeure shall include especially any and all errors to the internet network, which prevent the unrestricted operation of the website and the purchase on the website, and which result in the loss of data sent and received on the internet.

IX. Data protection

IX.1. The Service Provider hereby informs its Customers that their personal data (including especially 3D scanned files) are stored for the completion of the contract and for later evidentiary purposes. The Service Provider shall not transfer personal data to third parties, unless if, during the completion of the contract, the third party is the subcontractor of the Service Provider. Subcontractors are not entitled to store, use or transfer personal data to other persons provided by the Service Provider.
The collection and processing of personal data suitable for identification and necessary for use of the website shall comply with the effective Hungarian provisions on data protection (Act CXII of 2011).
Data Protection Register Number of Kvint-R Kft. is 01622--0001.

X. Miscellaneous

X.1. The Service Provider shall be free to modify these General Terms and Conditions and the conditions for purchase. Amendments shall enter into force at the date when the text of the amendment becomes available on-line, on the website.

X.2. Should the visitor breach any of the rules specified in these General Terms and Conditions, the operators shall be free to declare the Customer’s registration and purchase invalid and may delete it without notice.

X.3. The Parties will make every reasonable effort in order to ensure amicable settlement of eventual disputes. If amicable dispute settlement is not possible, the Parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Court as the Company Registry Court.

X.4. The operators of this website shall be considered intermediary service providers under Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commerce services, therefore, they shall not be liable for any damage caused to third parties through information with illegal content disclosed by others on this website.

Budapest, 20th November 2017