FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is iClone?
The iClone is a 3D colourful digitalized sculpture that has been made about you on a small scale.
What is the process of creating the iClone?
For the first step of creating of the iClone we scan your geometrical data with the help of a special 3D body scanner in just 15 seconds. After this the data processing software produces your 3D virtual model from the collected data within just 90 seconds, which you can rotate and look from every angles in the virtual space. After the graphic correction of the virtual sculpture the final product will be printed by a powder-based, colour 3D printer.
How long does the scanning take?
The scanning of your body by the special body-scanner will take just 15 seconds. From the input data the computer makes the rotatable virtual sculpture in other 90 seconds.
Where is the venue of the scanning?
The scanning happens in downtown of Budapest, Váci street 11/b at the 3D Body Scan Studio.
How much time does it take to finish the sculpture after the scanning?
The sculpture is ready within 24 hours after 3D scanning.
Where can I get the sculpture?
The final sculpture can be taken on the next day afternoon at the 3D Body Scan Studio. Upon request we deliver the sculpture to the given hotel address within city of Budapest by free of charge.
How can I pay for the sculpture?
You can pay for the iClone sculpture by cash or credit card in the 3D Body Scan Studio right after the final scanning.
What are the sizes of the sculptures?
You can order from several sizes. Practically the most proper size is the 1:12 scale, which is approximately 15 cm tall. The sizes you can choose from can be found under the menu 'Sizes, prices'.
What kind of material does the iClone made from?
The iClone sculpture is made from a special composite powder. The completed sculpture is like a sandstone by touch.