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What is iClone?

3D iClone

The iClone is a colourful sculpture that has been made about you on a small scale. For the first step of creating of the iClone we scan your geometrical data with the help of a special 3D body scanner in just 15 seconds. After this the data processing software produces your 3D model within 90 seconds upon your scanned information. The virtual body picture is rotatable and visualized from every angles on the screen. Since the scanning and data analysing process takes only a few minutes, we don’t sell a pig in a poke. If you dislike the sculpture that you see on the screen, you don’t need to do anything else that stand again into the scanner. After 2 minutes your other virtual file is ready. So thus you can try several positions even in different clothes. Finally, the ultimate iClone sculpture will be made from the selected 3D file. The printing of the mini sculpture happens by a powder-based, colour 3D printer. The completed sculpture is like a sandstone by touch.

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